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DATE: May 25, 2017

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We all have been into situations where we have a huge collection of Netflix movies to watch but can’t decide on the one that we want to watch right now. There are many choices and you are confused like always.

The movie should please your mood and also go well with the ones you are watching the movie with. What you like may not be necessarily interesting to the people along with you or vice versa. In midst of all these, you need to select the movie you want to watch.

After a lot of efforts for finding the best movie to watch, you are then tired and all consumed by the research work rather than actually watching the movie. If this sounds like you, we have a definite collection of movies which are sorted through many libraries to show you which are the best movies that are streaming now on Netflix.

Here is a list of the 10 best movies on Netflix:

Watch Galaxy Quest Movie on Netflix now:

It is a film which is voted by the Star Trek fans as one of the best Trek films ever made. It is directed by Dean Parisot and some of the cast includes Tim Allen, Sam Rockwell and Alan Rickman among others. It is a comedy movie loved by many and even if you are not well aware of Star Trek, it will be fantastically hilarious. The movie is all about friendship, kindness and rock monsters.

The house I live in

There are many documentaries available on Netflix but The house I live in has to be among the best you will see. It is written and directed by Eugene Jarecki in a devastating portrayal of the country’s war on drugs. It brilliantly shows what effects it had on the complete population of the country. As you must have anticipated, this film is not about politics but it is about humanity and life.

Short term 12:

The movie has Brie Larson as the lead actress and it is one of the reasons you need to watch this movie. Though this movie was released in 2013, it is still one of the best movies available on Netflix. Written and directed brilliantly by Destin Daniel Cretton who took this movie a notch higher. It is supplemented with moments of sense of humor and pathos that would keep you engaged and entertained throughout. Also, it will turn you into a Brie Larson fan for life.

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is one of the best movies for action genre fans by director Edgar Wright. This movie is co-written by Simon Pegg who is an actor in this movie and Edgar Wright, the director. This film brilliantly captures the everyday police work in a hilarious way. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the guys who play the two lead police officers. The movie is entertaining as hell and is a light watch. If you are up for this kind of a movie then Hot Fuzz wont disappoint you.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and prejudice is the famous adaptation of the book of same name by Jane Austen. The movie was released in 2005 and is a loving tribute to the novel. Many agree that the movie lived up to the mark of the novel. Joe Wright who is the director of the movie has taken great efforts in bringing in beautiful production design and camerawork into the movie. If youve never read any Jane Austen novel, this is a great start to watch an adaptation that is based on her work.


Fletch is one of the best entertainers of the 1980s and has a talented comedian to play the lead. Chevy Chase is the lead character in the movie that brilliantly portrays his role. The story involves Fletch being hired to kill a cancer-ridden millionaire which further leads to unthoughtful consequences. The movie is directed by Michael Ritchie and is written by Andrew Bergman.

Sunset Boulevard

This is a 1950 classic from Billy Wilder and is still very popular among the movie watching audience. This film is about a screenwriter who is unsuccessful who stumbles upon a mansion which was deserted by a forgotten silent star named Norma Desmond. The film features a brilliant portrayal by Gloria Swanson which makes it a must watch. If you like to watch movies that have a strong plotline or movies that are about those make movies, you just cant miss the Sunset Boulevard.

The man who shot liberty valance

This movie is one of the old classics which was released in 1962. The movie features two of the best all time cinematic icons, John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. It is directed by the legendary and well known director John Ford. With a cast and crew so good, you can certainly expect a lot from the movie. The movie is of Western genre and has many wordplays, gunfights, and a final ensue that youll love. Watch it for the brilliant performances.

Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2013. It is both written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier which is widely known as the best revenge drama of the decade. This movie is a complete thriller which surprises you at every end. The movie is totally worth your time and its follow up Green Room is also worth a watch

The emperor’s new groove:

This is one of the best animated flicks by Disney Animation studios which is directed by Mark Dindal and written by David Reynolds. This is a story of a bratty prince who gets transformed into llama and then has to partner with a farmer to get his kingdom back.

This is a list of the best movies on Netflix and you now have a good choice of movies that we have collected from many sources. No matter what genre you want to watch, we have got you covered. So pick up a move then Netflix and chill.

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