What is Netflix?

DATE: May 25, 2017

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Well Netflix is a website that lets you watch live streams of movies online. They have a massive library of movies for you to watch. From all the classics to the latest. These all at the click of a button so you can watch them instantly. The site covers all the genres from kids to crime.

Hopefully now you don’t need to ask the question what is Netflix. Now the downside to using the site is that you have to pay for a subscription on a monthly basis. But that lets you watch movies without the worries of torrent sites and the chance that the files will have viruses on them. It really is not worth using them.

Ok great but I don’t want to payout to use Netflix. That is not a problem we can get you a free Netflix account for any period of time from say 1 month to the lifetime membership plan. The lifetime membership plan is a favourite of our customers as it can save you loads of money over the months and years.

Free Netflix

There is no such thing a Free Netflix. This is a misconception. You can however using our service get different membership plans that we sell for a fraction of the cost. We sell lifetime membership plans at 90% less of the retail price. These accounts work 100% and have all the features you would expect from the full price membership plans.

Netflix is a fantastic site to enjoy watching movies online. If you have the right cables you can even connect your pc to your Television giving that all round movie experience. So don’t be fooled by companies offering a free Netflix account. This can not be done. Ok you might get a 1 month trial but say you don’t want to continue and forget to cancel the subscription, and then you will get charged.

We are different. We don’t need your credit card. You pay via pay pal. The account you buy will then expire at the given date and that’s it, if it’s a 24 month term account then it will cease to work after 24 months. You just simply buy off us again. So the service is really that flexible.

We offer membership plans from 2 months to Lifetime memberships. The lifetime membership plan is of course our most popular and has saved our users lots of cash over the months and years. Below you can check out the membership plans.

Remember there is no such product call a Free Netflix account. So please beware of people offering these.

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