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DATE: July 27, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

One small trick to take is to make the links in your AdSense Account ads have the same color as those included in your WordPress template. This way, visitors could get confused between the internal links of your WordPress blog with those that are present in the ads, clicking on the latter and you will earn a small economic revenue in your favor.

The name that you must place to each of these ads of Google Adsense will serve as a small guide to be able to locate them at a certain time. For example, the ad that will be part of the header of your WordPress blog could be called as “big ad in the header,” something that will help you identify when analyzing the number of clicks the visitor has made This or any other ad from your WordPress blog.

This is another aspect that is often questioned by many people, since for some it is necessary only those ads that contemplate a text while for others, those who show an image. The ad system proposed by Google is almost intelligent, which is why you should choose as a type of advertisement a mixture of the two, that is, both the “text and the image” included in only one.

If you choose only text, there will be a certain moment in which the ad could appear blank or empty if there is no information about any advertiser with such characteristics in a specific region of the planet; The same situation can occur if you only choose an “image” as part of the advertisement. Having chosen both the text and the image to conform to your ad, Google Adsense Account will show one or the other according to the theme and region where your article is visited.

What we have mentioned in this article are the bases that you should know when creating an ad for your WordPress blog, coming later the most difficult part of everything but also the most important, that is, the place where you should Locate these ads so that they are visible and with it, the visitors can click on any of them; In the following article we will mention a very interesting alternative that you could get to adopt at the time of placing your ads easily, in the blog of WordPress and with the help of a small plugin that is completely free.

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