From The White To The Outside! 5 Must-Learn Easy Whitening Methods

DATE: November 21, 2017

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In-depth cleaning

Many people think that remover clean and has nothing to do with whitening, in fact, not every day, the skin surface contaminants can lead to dull skin, makeup remover does not completely lead to pigmentation and other skin problems. In particular, make-up color heavier eye area, makeup remix is ​​not complete, it will lead to “acquired” black eye, uneven color culprit resulting. Whether cleansing or cleansing, you can choose a product with whitening function, thorough and modest cleaning, is the basis of a best natural skin care Sun In addition to being able to effectively keep the skin white, or avoid spots and skin aging the key!

I do not know facial sunscreen, the body sunscreen also need to do enough. Select sunscreen products to care about texture and whiteness, but also have to pay attention to whether the SPF index and PA grade, because the two are the protection of the skin surface and inner layer, respectively, from ultraviolet light. Summer also pay attention to occasions, according to the choice of sun protection factor.

Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C whitening is commonplace, but do not think that it is effective to eat vitamin C supplements alone or contain vitamin C foods because these ingredients are not easily absorbed by the body. To whitening will develop long-term good eating habits, eat more rich in vitamin C or other nutritious foods such as oranges, carrots, broccoli, lemon, etc., a balanced intake of nutrients to enhance skin health. In addition to the internal supplement, the daily maintenance of products also have a lot of vitamin C products

adhere to moisturizing the

most easily overlooked whitening maintenance step is moisturizing! ! As an important basic step for all skin care, moisturizing inadequate or poor, the skin will be prone to problems, but will also affect the follow-up of product absorption! Moisturizing the skin will be in the normal state of fullness, gloss and brightness will be enhanced, or even follow-up creams and creams are more expensive or contain more powerful whitening effect are superfluous, keep in mind.

With massage

There is a little easy to ignore the focus of whitening is massage. Daily skin care massage can help product absorption, regardless of facial or body care are applicable, but the most critical is the eye acupuncture massage. Just below the eye, there is a point called “Si Bai Point.” Each time the eye cream is applied to place the finger on the point, the middle finger presses for three seconds to effectively reduce the growth of melanin. Do not want to be whitening effect is dragged by dark circles, it is necessary to cooperate with the removal of dark circles and anti-aging function of the eye cream, insist on massage and maintenance.

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