DATE: November 22, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

Work on the Internet can do make money online free, except for the tariff for the Internet and light, but not always.

So, for example, if you decide to become a philanthropist, you have 2 ways: by registering on the freelance platform, you either leave yourself a regular account with a limited amount of feedback and deny access to the project, if the customer has placed restrictions, or for a fee you buy yourself Premium accounts that remove all bans from you.

Want to create your own blog, you also have 2 options. Now there is a sufficient number of Internet platforms offering to create your site for free. You can create anything: a blog, news content, an online store. About all types of blogs, I told in detail in this article.

The minus of the free version is that you work on the site of this site, where on your page they have the right to give their advertising. In addition, the name of your site will contain the name of the platform on which it is located. In the paid version you work under the name that you yourself will choose and you do not have someone else’s ads.

Invest in your project or not to decide only you. I can recommend you not to be greedy and create your own resource on a paid site and not depend on anyone.

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