Probiotics For The Care Of Animals

DATE: November 22, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

Love your pet, but the family has allergies? There was a smell, which causes discomfort? Did the guests begin to visit less often?

Start using houses Z1 – a probiotic cleaner is an ideal pet products for cleaning the places of keeping pets. Z1 is also used for professional cleaning, washing trays, cages, cages, etc. Perfectly cleans, eliminates mold, fungus, pathogenic, pathogenic bacteria, has a long bacterial effect. Prevents and eliminates the problem of unpleasant odors of organic origin. Removes “marks” of cats and dogs, traces of food and saliva from the floor, upholstered furniture, shoes and clothes.

Z1 probiotic is not only a safe ecological agent, but also useful, since it stabilizes the bacterial microflora of the cleaned surface. The product is friendly to the environment and economical to use. This is a highly concentrated product of prolonged action. Processing and cleaning can be carried out in the presence of animals and people, because the product is absolutely safe.

What do cats and dogs do when they do not sleep, eat or play? They put themselves in order – they lick their paws. Wash the floor with Z1 and they will not be endangered by the ingestion of poisons contained in ordinary household chemicals and will give you joy, much longer keeping your health and vivacity.


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