Ecological Lighting

DATE: November 25, 2017

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Best led headlights are safe elements because they work with low voltage direct current. This considerably reduces domestic accidents by electrocution and prevents unpleasant lamp and applet discharges.

LED lighting allows decorators and architects to achieve special effects with white light and colors, which were unthinkable until a few years ago because of the cost involved. They have a lot of application in the lighting of gardens and swimming pools. They adapt perfectly to watertight luminaries and spectacular effects are achieved by illuminating the water or ornamental fountain.

The use of LED lighting has had a beneficial effect on the environment. They call it ecological lighting because it does not use mercury or gases that produce a greenhouse effect and increase global warming.

There is a wide variety of led luminaires with varied shapes and daring designs. They are manufactured as points of directional light, in the form of tape, panels, tubes and a wide range of light bulbs, to replace the old incandescent bulbs, low or fluorescent tubes.

On our website you will find an extensive catalog of led luminaires and their main applications. You can also contact our specialized technical staff, to carry out any type of consultation related to led lighting; We can advise and inform about the most suitable led lighting systems for home, office or industry.

10 advantages of led lighting

The low consumption of the luminaire allows a significant energy saving.

Little heat emission.

It produces clear and bright light.

Longer life than traditional light bulbs.

Ease of installation

Important light bill savings.

Possibility of light intensity control with remote control.

Having no filament like incandescent or halogen bulbs, they withstand bumps and vibrations without breaking.

They are ecological.

They produce low light pollution outdoors.

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