Effective Anti-Mosquito Remedies

DATE: November 25, 2017

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We propose 5 solutions to solve this problem, tested for several years by the site of the tiger mosquito. These solutions are particularly effective against the tiger mosquito (Aedes Albopictus), even if they are also effective for the common mosquito (Culex pipiens). It is possible and even advisable to implement several best mosquito killer simultaneously.

It is also expressly recommended to empty the stagnant water containers after each rain, to prevent it from reoccurring under your nose.

  1. Anti-mosquito trap
  2. Mosquito lamp
  3. Mosquito stick
  4. Mosquito spray
  5. Mosquito larvae trap

Anti-mosquito trap

The most effective solution is to have a mosquito trap, which sucks them as they pass by. We have been testing Mosquitito de Biogents for years and we recommend it without compromise. It is to be installed near infested areas and your living areas.

Mosquito lamp

Finished the grill with blue light that was installed next to the garden table. No more gggzzzzz and the smell of burnt. No more moths and other pollinating insects sacrificed on the altar of mosquito control. In 2015 new, more effective and selective anti-mosquito lamps allow you to enjoy your late afternoons or evenings again. for example, the lamp inatrap seems to be a good compromise (comments welcome if you have tested it).

Anti-mosquito sticks

Anti-mosquito spirals are found everywhere in the trade and some are more effective than others. mosquito-tigre.info was able to test rods specially designed to keep tiger mosquitoes away.

They are used in the same way as classical spirals. The tests seem to show that they are more effective than the spirals of the trade.

Mosquito spray

Although the solutions proposed above are relatively effective, there are still some mosquitoes that have managed to escape the traps, or have recently crossed the hedge that separates from the neighboring garden. It is therefore sometimes necessary to use anti-mosquito sprays

Mosquito larvae trap

In addition to the mosquito trap, which captures adult mosquitoes, it is also possible to attack the larvae. This method involves placing a trap in a shady corner of the garden, which will attract female mosquitoes about to lay eggs. These females will find the ideal place to lay, but the larvae will then become trapped and die in it. The principle is to provide a mortuary in place of the one that a mosquito would have found elsewhere. Be careful, however, to regularly check the water level and the state of the trap.

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