Hybrid Electric Vehicle With Lead-Acid Batteries

DATE: November 25, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

Now hybrid electric vehicles are basically divided into three categories: mild hybrid (ie, the electric system is mainly used to start and recover the braking energy, by using best motorcycle battery which is about to be applied to all vehicles, 42 V electric system is the type), moderate hybrid Electric system for starting, regenerative braking energy and driving in medium and short distances), heavy hybrids (ie electric system for starting, braking energy recovery and driving over longer distances, also called “plug-in”) .

It has been clear from the literature both at home and abroad that valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are advantageous in lightly mixed electric vehicles mainly because of their low cost, proven technology and reliable performance. Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries for medium-sized hybrid electric vehicles, ALABC (Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium) is in the process of developing and preparing for the market for MH-Ni batteries for medium-sized hybrid electric vehicles. The roll-on bipolar-ear battery and TMF metal film) Batteries; In the field of heavily mixed electric vehicles, the specific energy of lead-acid batteries is low and cannot meet the traveling requirements of the electric system over a long distance.

Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are also promising in hybrid electric motorcycles. Recently, the domestic market of light hybrid electric motorcycles, which are dual-powered with fuel or gas engines and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries and motors, is well received by the market.

In this, but also to remind consumers: the quality of battery products on the market uneven. Therefore, the proposed use of units to establish a standardized procedure, according to the conditions closer to the actual use of selected batteries in groups to test evaluation. Only after a comprehensive, rigorous and quantitative examination, horizontal comparison and assessment can we scientifically evaluate and choose. We cannot only conduct a single test but also can only look at publicity and advertising materials.

Lead-acid batteries are more than 100 years old products, lower than the energy, so many people think that lead-acid batteries are outdated, outdated products, the future of electric vehicles is not promising, further development is not necessary. The author believes that lead-acid batteries in the history of more than 100 years has been continuously improved to improve, some are revolutionary leaps and bounds, such as from the open-flow electrolyte of lead-acid batteries to the sealed flow-free electrolyte valve-regulated lead-acid batteries; The specific energy has been increased from less than 10 Wh / kg to 40 Wh / kg; rapid charge technology has been developed that can be charged in minutes, just like a car refueling; ultra-high-rate valve regulated lead-acid batteries have achieved 2-to- 4 kW / kg; and so on. In summary, I believe:

Lead batteries will remain the main batteries for commercial electric vehicles for a certain period of time due to their low price, abundant materials sources, more mature manufacturing and recycling technologies and processes, and higher resource recovery rates.

With the continuous improvement of performance, lead-acid batteries will remain in a prominent position in the application of electric vehicles, it is difficult to completely replace, it should pay attention to its research and improvement.

In actual use, consumers should choose varieties with long service life and low cost according to the object of use, maintenance conditions and specialization, and do not blindly pursue the products with the latest varieties and single indicators (such as specific energy).

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