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DATE: November 25, 2017

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After relaxing from the hurricane that hit Florida in recent weeks and also threatening the new plant and development labs of our favorite American brand OFRA COSMETICS, we decided to jump to Fort Lauderdale Florida and tell you some behind-the-scenes secrets and tricks of some of the famous biotech

Ofra cosmetics uk ‘advanced cosmetics laboratories are among the world’s leading companies in the field of “color cosmetics”.

In the labs we develop the formulas of the future with the help of a team of chemists, pharmacists, colourists and dermatologists who supervise them with great skill. Ofra Gaito herself, cosmetician Sidescu has decades of experience in developing beauty and makeup products.

It was the great Walt Disney who said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” The great advantage of OFRA COSMETICS lies in the ability to dream and fulfill in the same place! Alongside color laboratories and product development, the factory is run by David Gaito, an expert in the design and manufacture of beauty products. Here fantasies and dreams are realized in every color.

In OFRA not compromise on the quality of products and components. The cosmetics product formulas are all enriched with natural care ingredients: antioxidant vitamins, botanical extracts, FDA approved minerals, hyaluronic acid and other anti-aging ingredients. The advanced machinery in the factory knows how to cast the finest formulations which lab work in the most efficient and precise manner into appropriate containers and packaging, so that we will hold the hand and weave in a user-friendly product that is durable, durable and with perfect results

Take for example the brand’s desired bunnies and yeast collections. They are developed using a unique technology known as Liquid Baked, which allows you to pour a ceramic or liquid formula and bake it with advanced equipment until you get a rich silk texture that gives you a color saturation and amazing shine on the skin.

It is not for nothing that the world’s leading make-up personalities, such as Nikki Totorilas , Caitlin Lights , Manny Mike Up  and many others, chose to create collaborations and collections with OFRA . Famous brand celebs, Olympic athletes, Miss Universe, politicians, prime ministers and anyone who is self-respecting in the media.

During September, the OFRA COSMETICS team visited the

BEAUTY GENERATION NYC exhibition  held annually in cooperation with the IPSY brand . The brand’s special booth was hosted this time by the world’s leading bioterrorist, the mother queen – NIKKIE TUTORIALS , herself who signed her product collection and photographed with the many fans who came to meet her.

This is the second time that Nikki, who has a YouTube channel of about 10 million followers (more than the State of Israel is collaborating with OFRA in an international product collection.

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