Panasonic Eh-Na27 Hair Dryer With Philips Angel Hair Dryer

DATE: November 25, 2017

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Philips hairdryer exclusive wisdom Infrared unique infrared intelligent water temperature control technology to retain the natural water hair, healthy and bright hair to prevent bifurcation, rupture, frizz and static electricity, natural to create a gentle and combing soft hair

Nano water ions penetrate moist hair care technology

Compact and lightweight design of 475g carry no burden

1400W wind capacity design

Suppress the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the hair

Three-stage temperature / air flow design Sec / 50⁰C breeze blow temperature control

Increase Hair moisture / enhance the luster of hair

Unique ceramic accessories, Distribute infrared

Ceramic heating accessories to heat conduction more evenly, to provide a gentler hair blowing effect, to avoid single point of overheating damage hair, prevent hair too dry, can emit infrared rays, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, not only hair care but also protect the scalp

LED display light

exclusive EHD negative ion diversion technology, blowing 10 million negative ions per second 1500W super power wattage, large air design

2 sections of wind speed (strong / weak) / three sections of temperature (standard, temperature, cold)

according to personal needs of hair and hair volume, select the appropriate degree of dryness and the ideal shape, so blow your whole day is no longer difficult to master!

safety of electromagnetic waves (through the EU EN62233 test is safe)

attached focus on wind mouthpiece

focus Wind, blow hair styling hair once completed

attached fluffy style hood

can increase the amount of hair, allowing you to easily blow out the abundance of fluffy fashion Hair style

safety outlet

Wind concentrated network, dry hair styling hair once completed

2.5 m long power cord design

intimate rings design

host size: 21 (long) * 9 (wide) * 31 (high) cm

host weight: 790 grams


A lot of features, and can do a lot of adjustment, and blowing hair really pretty supple!

Features include:

Can open the water mode

You can manually open the negative ion function

Adjustable temperature control and air sections of wind speed (strong / weak) / three sections of temperature (standard, temperature, cold)

Compared to the general dryer faster dry.


Too heavy, Blowing my hand acid.

There is no precautionary measure to prevent the inhalation of hair burning smell.

Unique infrared intelligent water temperature control, open the more will not be hot, but relatively slow to do many.

small button anion (to be pressed is a bit of trouble), near the negative ion temperature control, the bottom is the amount of wind strength

Second, Panasonic EH-NA27 hair dryer


lighter, so long time to blow will not be sore hand Oh, blowing finish is supple.

Behind the filter, to prevent burned smell caused by inhalation of hair.

Compared to the general dry faster blower.


Only three-stage adjustment function (1) cold air outlet: small (2) warm air outlet air volume: medium volume (3) hot air outlet air volume: strong

The maximum air flow will be too hot situation (if not in the same one has been blowing okay)

When you just buy hair blowing, the machine will have a plastic taste

No infrared (but in fact, I do not know where the infrared sensitivity XD are supple).



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