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DATE: November 25, 2017

AUTHOR: admin

The magazine “ARGUS MINIATURE” publishes editions on the theme of collectible big toy cars, with an illustrated quotation and very detailed listings: DINKY-TOYS, CIJ, NOREV, etc … This is the official rating of the miniature car .

We can realize expertise in the succession framework including a collection of miniatures and propose solutions.

We also have miniatures for sale. See categories. Updates several times a week. If you wish to open an additional category, leave us a message by mail. To find the latest entries, click on the current month in the “ARCHIVES” section. To see more models at the bottom of a page, click on “previous entries”.

Cars (or any rolling object to be more precise)

Without wanting to debate on gendered toys (Baby Camel also has toys called “feminine”) my son has a passion for objects that roll, most are wooden cars. Very often he refuses to part with it so we find them in the bed at bedtime, in the bath, etc. Nothing exceptional so to observe a little boy who plays with small cars, if this is that he prefers the ambulance above all else (would that be an omen on his future career?). He rolls them on everything he finds (the floor, the sofa, the tables and furniture) and likes to let go to see how they will continue and finish their journey. Shards of laughter assured by letting the cars on the armrests of the sofa.

interest of this toy: coordination of gestures, imagination.

I feel the question happen so I specify that the lot of 4 cars is the brand “New classic toys” bought at “First arrived” here. They are great because their small size allows them an ideal grip. And they are varied and beautifully colored.

The favorite car of Baby Camel (the one he grafted to his left hand) is brand Haba. The little guy driver travels a lot.


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