The Latest Gps Tracers “Deep Cover”

DATE: November 25, 2017

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In fact, they are no longer really hidden gps tracker for car because they use the relay transmissions of mobile phones to allow the triangulation of information on your geographical location. As a result, the coverage is much stronger and even allows vehicle tracking even hidden by walls (as in an underground car park for example). Not to mention that they have a much lower energy requirement than their GPS counterparts (no need to place them near the vehicle battery).

This implies that this kind of tracer can be implanted very deeply in your vehicle and is very difficult to identify even with the gadget seen previously. It is therefore almost impossible to locate them except disassemble your car fully every day.

Conclusion: well, do not fall into paranoia because you are already hunted

In fact, most of the time, people who want to track you down will not even have to worry about installing a system on your vehicle. It will be enough for them to install a little snitch (in the form of a software or a downloaded application) on your companion, now indispensable for everyday life: your mobile phone, which already serves you as a GPS

Geolocation GPS / GSM / GPRS without subscription for automobile, person and pedestrian

One of the smallest tracker in the world! The Haicom HI-602 DT GPS / GSM tracker is a GPS / GSM geolocation system without subscription for cars and pedestrians. This small box allows you to geolocate your vehicle on a simple phone call. You can then locate your vehicle on your mobile or laptop.

Unlike other standard trackers that only send a text message or a GPS position that the user must enter on a map, the 602 DT tracker also allows you to do real-time tracking using a free, specific web interface. You will be able to display directly on a map the exact position of the place where the tracker is and follow its movements in real time.

The Haicom HI-602 DT GPS / GSM tracker allows you to track, control, discover any object in real time using any standard SIM card (with a phone number such as prepaid cards without subscription), any usual phone (home phone, mobile phone, etc.) and any mapping software or Google Earth. No specific software is needed.

To do tracking in real time the principle will be the same. All you need to do is equip your tracker with a SIM card, from any service provider, with the Data / GPRS option. Thus equipped you will just need to connect to the web interface specially developed for this purpose to make tracking in real time.

The Haicom HI-602 DT is very small 4.3 cm x 6.9 cm, it is equipped with a GPS chip sirf 3 very high sensitivity. It connects to your PC via the USB port. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery which at rest gives it a range of 3 to 5 days.

You can also attach an accessory kit that will allow you to control the start of a vehicle and even to add a vibration sensor.

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